Your African Private Safari Guide

Birds of Africa

Africa hosts more than2500 species of birds, Africa is a bird-watcher’s paradise. From tiny, brightly coloured sunbirds to big  African Fish Eagle one of the iconic African birds, African Masked Weaver. African masked, Collared Sunbird. An iridescent collared sunbird, Crowned Plover, Eurasian Golden Oriole, Flamingos, Grey Crowned Cranes. for the record ostrich is the largest, fastest land living species of bird and land bird that can run with highest speed of any bird in the world. And not to forget the African Crowned Eagle one of the most prettiest bird, with a  crown it’s distinctive head feathers. As it is said Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but anyone who likes birds of prey will admire this amazing animal.

A pair of Flamingos at Lake Nakuru National park Tanzania Africa  Orange breasted sunbird Zambia Africa

African Masked Weaver Kibale national park Uganda Africa  An ostrich at Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda Africa

African masked, Collared Sunbird Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya Africa  Eurasian Golden Oriole Africa

African Fish Eagle Africa at Lake Mburo National Park Uganda Africa  Crowned lapwing Plover at Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Africa

African Crowned Eagle Uganda Africa Shoebill at Ziwa rhino sanctuary Uganda Africa

African Green Broadbill at bwindi Impenetrable national park Uganda Africa  Great Blue Turaco at Bigodi swamp walk kibale National park Uganda Africa

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