Like anywhere, around the world personal transport in Africa is a blend of different modes. Some of the most popular are motorcycle taxis, commuter taxis, personal vehicles, auto-rickshaws, and non-motorized means like cycling and walking. … The majority of transport products in Africa are imported.

Perssangers aboard a public commuter taxi in Africa

Motorcycle taxi:

Boda bodas are bicycles and motorcycle taxis commonly found in East and central Africa. While motorcycle taxis like boda bodas are present throughout Africa and beyond, the term boda boda is specific to East Africa. In Kenya, they are more frequently called piki pikis. Their ubiquitous presence in East African cities is the result of a number of factors including an increasing demand for public transit, the ability to purchase motorcycles on credit, and an influx of cheap imports from Indian manufacturers like Bajaj. In the countries where they are present, boda bodas can provide transportation options to riders and job opportunities.

A passenger aboard a motorcycle taxi in uganda