Your African Private Safari Guide

Types of safari vehicles 

Road-based safari vehicles that are used in Africa include closed pop up-top roof and open sided 4WD’s, typically Toyota Land cruisers, Land rovers and safari min van bus with a pop-top roof


open sided land cruisers and land rovers

 It’s a vehicle with some modification from the manufacturer’s mode set up, the sided panels are remove for clear viewing of animals , they are good for photographers and film crews

open sided land cruiser  open sided Land Rover

pop up the top roof land cruisers and land rovers

This Toyota Landcruiser is customized more especially to be used for wildlife watching in national parks. A strong and reliable 4×4 safari vehicle with a pop-up roof suitable for 7– 9 with a permanent fridge. These vehicles are perfect for wildlife safari in national parks, especially in the rainy season and shielding you from the sun rays and rain.

Game viewing safari pop up-top roof land Rover  Game viewing safari pop up-top roof land Cruiser

4wd pop up the top roof safari min van bus

4*4 Safari van with pop up roof top. In comparison with other types of safari vehicles, the 4×4 safari van with pop up roof top is certainly the less costlier way of getting around and seeing some parts of sub Saharan Africa while on African safari.

  4x4wd Safari min van vehicle

Inland light flights

For fly-in safaris, a combination of light aircraft and open-sided 4WD’s with a sun canopy, are used. Open-sided 4WD’s vehicles offer greater visibility and provide unobstructed photography opportunities in all directions.