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 xavier safaris African mid-range(2.5 star) safaris

 Xavier safari is a Mid-Range operating at 2.5 star accommodation Travel within Southern Africa as a  medium sociable individualistic African Safari master travel company based in Kampala city, in Uganda Africa with over 18 years of  travel  experience Operating throught 10 African countries including (1)Democratic Republic of  Cong, (2)Rwanda, (3)Kenya, (4)Tanzania, (5)Zambia, (6)Zimbabwe, (7) Botswana (8) Namibia, (9) South Africa, (10) Zanzibar Xavier Safaris is passionate about Africa and sharing the magic of its destinations with mid-range-conscious travelers. The company features a massive selection of carefully selected, tried-and-tested African Safaris offering the best value-for-money tours in the industry. it offers Multi countries combined destinations ranging from south Africa to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo – covering all the best highlights of Southern Africa on a variety of mid-range safari with accommodated adventures for families, small groups, single travelers and large groups.”

Hotel bookings reservations.

As soon as you get a confirmation about your safari  from xavier safaris, safari price, all activities, hotels, lodges agreed between you the guest and xavier Safaris on will be booked. Due to un avoidable circumstances Xavier safaris will email  you if there is any change with your safari itinerary or program.

Budget camping safaris in Africa

Budget camping Accommodation is provided in a public campsite in a two-man tent with folding safari beds, mattresses, pillows blankets and bed sheets. In many tented safari camps you are not permitted to leave your tent at night without the assistance of your ranger guide. Safari camps offer great game viewing opportunities – which means those same wild animals are near the camp – and sometimes traverse through the camp. it is the cheapest way to travel but it comes with sharing tents bathrooms and toilets, cooking is done by the safari chef.



luxury camping safaris in Africa

luxury camping, constructed with a framework of poles and canvas walls and roof. Luxury camping safaris to Africa concentrate on offering adventure in lavish comfort. stylish, upscale tented camp offers the classic style of a bygone era, featuring 1920s safari décor and opulent luxury, from mahogany antiques and Persian rugs to dreamy spa treatments.

luxury tented camps offer a softer kind of adventure with all the comfort and the trimmings you’d expect from a luxury safari lodge.


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